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                                                        Client Comments
Yes, you
"It was good meeting you, and helpful. The report is concise, clear and accurate. Thank you for your time and your professional interpretations of Sally's (not client's real name) condition."

 "Your consultation was extremely beneficial to me. I was extremely impressed with how you interacted with my Father. You spoke to him in a clear and concise manner with kindness, respect and compassion. You are truly gifted in what you do and I would highly recommend your services to others." Donna

"Engaging in your service to assess the memory issues we were concerned about with our loved one was a very worthwhile experience for my family. It has given us insight and a direction to move forward with information as to the necessary planning and proper care for him now that we know we are going to face."

"Thanks for your time, thoughts and interest, Karen."

Dear Karen,
Your reports continue to be an important way to track mother's recent progress after a rather dramatic and troubling decline in her emotional and intellectual functioning. It is very helpful to have an experienced person who can recognize and interpret the daily problems in living that mother is experiencing and propose practical solutions for making life better for all of us.